Below are a selection of past events, projects, and positions.

  • Member of the organizing committee for the conference, Our Economy: Economic Democracy and System Change, held April 12, 2019 at the CUNY School of Labor and Urban Studies.
  • As Director of the Center for the Study of Brooklyn (CSB), co-hosted with the Urban Soils Lab the Legacy Lead Coalition Town Hall at Brooklyn College on October 19th, 2018. This event brought together over 70 attendees from community gardeners to lawyers and city officials from several agencies and also connected BC students and faculty with them.
  • Deputy Director, Urban Sustainability Studies 2018.  
  • Director, Center for the Study of Brooklyn, Summer 2018-Summer 2019.  Restarted CSB after a five year hiatus.  
  • Moderated the Participatory Democracy from Brazil to Brooklyn! Hosted by the Center for the Study of Brooklyn, Brooklyn College CUNY on May 21st, 6-8pm, 2019.
    • Brazil has been a source of many participatory democracy innovations and Brooklyn has experienced a surge of such efforts in the last twenty years. Come hear Eber Marzulo, Professor of Sociology and Urban Studies at the Federal University in Porto Alegre discuss his research with Brooklyn based CEANYC researchers and Michael Menser, director of the Center for the Study of Brooklyn on the topics of participatory budgeting, worker cooperatives, housing, and sustainability. This event is the first in the 5 year project between Participatory Community Transformations.
    • Participants included: Eber Marzulo, Federal University of Brazil, Porto Alegre, Lauren Hudson, CEANYC and CUNY Graduate Center, Dr. Gabriela Rendon, New School for Social Research.